Brands Travel has worked with Visit Florida in the development of social media influencer campaign targeting the Mexican Millennial market, aimed at generating awareness of the different attractions Florida has to offer.


Both social influencers and some of the top consumer media in Mexico visited different destinations in Florida with the purpose of documenting unique selfie spots that can be found in the Sunshine State. The #SelfieFL campaign helped Florida reach millions of potential visitors in a unique and cost effective way.


This campaign helped us reach over 550,000 individuals from the target market with over 2 million impressions, translated as 750,000 USD in ROI for press coverage.

The travel industry is an interesting business to be in, many people see it as just a lot of fun… which it is, but its also a lot of work.  Work that is possible because of the amazing people and companies that make this incredible business.  One of those companies is the BT Group.  I have had the opportunity to work with BRANDS TRAVEL with three different companies: The Greater Fort Convention and Visitors Bureau, Brand USA and currently with Visit Florida. I have had the opportunity to grow our business in amazing ways through this partnership.  From publishing to trade events, its has always been a success story.  BRANDS TRAVEL’s magic lies in the hands of Carlos and his amazing staff, where attention to detail and years of experience come together to bring outstanding results.

Alfredo Gonzalez , Vice President , VISIT FLORIDA